In September, Brad Banz, Hank Clemmensen and Dave and Nancy Moore traveled to Lusaka Zambia for two weeks to teach at the 2nd All Zambia Fire Academy. Nearly 200 firefighters from all across the country traveled to Lusaka to network and learn about community fire prevention, commanding fire and emergency scenes, how to prevent cancer and how to deal with the psychological trauma and PTSD that is so prevalent in the fire service around the world.

During the academy we had the honor of meeting the first female fire chief Zambia has ever had and having her lead one of the main tabletop simulation exercise on the last day of the training.

Our team was able to see the 42 newly purchased fire engines that were in the process of being distributed to the countries fire brigades. These new fire engines will nearly double the firefighting capacity of the fire brigades in Zambia. We are excited to see the progress Zambia is making in upgrading the fire services and we look forward to partnering with the country and the Campaign for a Fire Free Zambia in 2018 as we implement community fire prevention training in Zambia and in 2019 as we host the 3rd All Zambia Fire Academy and expand that academy to also include firefighters from the country of Malawi as well.