Support AFM - while Shopping with your Kroger Plus Card.

Kroger shoppers, enroll in the Community Rewards program to raise money for Africa Fire Mission simply by doing your grocery shopping! The process is easy:

1. Go to

2. Sign in (if you’ve already registered with Kroger) or select “Create an Account”

3. After you sign in – or as you go through the account creation process – you will be asked to enter our name or assigned #PA923

4. Once you enter the # and select “Search,” the system will list Africa Fire Mission as an option

5. Click the radio dial next to our name, then click “Enroll”

6. That’s it!!

Kroger will donate 3% of your purchase total to AFM … so - for every $100 you spend at Kroger, we get $3 of it. You're basically donating money to us without actually having to donate it out of your own pocket! 

Go to: Kroger Community Rewards  and select Africa Fire Mission: #PA923

you can also support us through Amazon Smile:

When you shop Amazon go to Amazon Smile and select Africa Fire Mission as your mission!

Then each time you place your order with Amazon make sure you are at    

Africa Fire Mission
Great deals. Good deeds.
Use Giving Assistant to save money and support Africa Fire Mission

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Sell items you don’t want anymore and “donate a portion to charity” through your listing.  


By using the iGive link you can shop in over1900 store's, and a donation will be made to AFM.  There are no extra steps, no iGive notifications when making payments.  The donations happen behind the scenes, and often the store's support teams are unaware of the iGive Program.