Corporate Partnership Opportunities

+ Expand your profile for business growth & development in Africa.

Africa Fire Mission (AFM) Corporate Partnership program is a 7 tiered program offering special benefits that enable your company to enhance your involvement and exposure to Fire and Emergency Services in Africa and the United States. Based on your level of support, the program offers a unique package that will elevate your company’s name recognition among fire service professionals, governments, schools and community organizations in Africa.

The AFM Corporate Partnership program enables organizations to make contributions at any time of the year. Benefits outlined will generate recognition throughout the year depending on the level of sponsorship chosen. Packages can also be customized to fit international business plans or corporate responsibility preferences.

Packages are available beginning at $500 and up to $25,000. Exclusive packages can be developed for organizations wishing to contribute more than $25,000.

+ Support our Vision for Sustainable & Capable fire departments across Africa.

Africa Fire Mission is a 501(c)(3) committed to increasing the sustainable capacity of fire departments across Africa. We accomplish this through training, empowerment, support, and encouragement:

Train – We partner with African governments, NGO’s, missionaries, schools and corporations to provide education and training to firefighters and local communities. We use Community Health Evangelism (CHE) to teach firefighters and community members in Africa to protect themselves from the dangers of fire.

Empower – We work to increase the ability of communities in Africa to respond to disasters and provide relief when disasters occur.

Support –We provide personal protective equipment and communication tools to fire services throughout Africa to allow fire departments to operate in a safer and more coordinated manner.

Encourage – We build the capacity of African fire services so that local communities are able to provide sustainable public safety and disaster management services.

+ Engage with decision makers in Africa

Africa Fire Mission is working to advocate at the local and national government levels in Africa. We are also connected with non-government organizations, fire services, missions and educational institutions. Decision makers need to understand the importance of protecting community members and firefighters through quality personal protective equipment, tools, and fire apparatus. We are currently working directly in Kenya, Zambia and Ethiopia and expect to expand to Malawi, Sierra Leone, Nigeria and other countries as funding and opportunities present.

+ Establish a visible presence at National Fire Academies in Africa

Africa Fire Mission offers several week-long Fire Academies across Africa. These nationwide fire academies are expected to reach more than 50% of each country’s firefighting workforce, draws national media attention and includes invitations for national dignitaries to participate. Advocacy for advancing the fire services through training and obtaining appropriate equipment is a key aspect of the training. We are seeing results with fire brigades being able to provide higher quality services in the community and being able to advocate to obtain higher quality equipment for the fire brigades daily operations.


Corporate Sponsor Benefits

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