Mission Trip Application - Returning Team Members

Thank you for your interest in returning to Africa for a training trip with Africa Fire Mission.  We have simplified the application for you as we do not need updated references or employment information from you and we have muchof what we need already.  Please complete the brief application below, submit your deposit and e-mail supporting documents.  We look forward to serving with you soon!

Application Form:

Date *
Application Date
Home Address *
Home Address
Phone *
(best contact)
if you don’t have a passport our need to update your passport, please begin the application process as soon as your application is accepted.
Passport Expiration Date
Passport Expiration Date
(*if your current expiration date is less than 6 months after the return date of the mission, please renew your passport)
You will be provided 2 AFM Golf Shirts for training days on the mission trip. If you are a returning member and do not need more shirts, please indicate.
3 day 2 night Safari to Maasai Mara (includes transportation, lodging, food & park fees). Arrive in US on November 1. *additional cost, $600 due with final payment (KENYA ONLY)
Emergency Contact Phone *
Emergency Contact Phone
Insurance Beneficiary Address *
Insurance Beneficiary Address
Africa Fire Mission works with vulnerable populations. A felony record will not automatically exclude you from participation, however, we will have a specific conversation with you about the conviction, any restrictions, and may request additional background checks and references. Visa’s to certain countries can also be denied for some convictions on a country by country basis.
Agreements: Please check all of the following boxes to indicate your understanding & agreement. *

Pay your mission trip deposit here: